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The new PRONTOPANEL Tile Sandwich Panel offers excellent aesthetic finish while providing great thermal and acoustic insulation for your roof. All of this with quick, simple, and cost-effective installation. We offer various customized colors to match different types of clay tiles.

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Where to install tile sandwich panel?

PRONTOPANEL’s Tile Sandwich Panel is approved for installation in the roofs of residential, commercial, agricultural, or industrial buildings that require a traditional or rustic aesthetic.

It is also widely used to replace old clay tile or fiber cement roofs in houses, sheds, cellars, or rustic-style warehouses.

In all cases, it offers a lightweight and cost-effective solution for your roof.

What are the advantages of installing tile sandwich panel?

The design of the Tile Sandwich Panel, which combines an exterior finish, insulation, and interior finish in one compact unit, makes it an ideal substitute for traditional clay tile roofs, offering multiple advantages, including:

  • Better resistance to external moisture infiltration due to its overlapping system that prevents water from entering the interior, combined with a non-absorbent exterior surface.
  • Improved resistance to interior moisture from condensation, as its insulation layer minimizes cold surfaces inside the building, along with a non-absorbent interior surface. This prevents the growth of molds in indoor spaces.
  • Simplicity and speed in installation (there is no need to create multiple functional layers to build the roof).
  • Insulation in the plate itself without the need to install additional insulation layers.
  • Lightness of the system that allows a considerable weight saving in the sizing of the supporting structures, which allows additional economic savings.

What Do We Offer at PRONTOPANEL?

At PRONTOPANEL, we offer three models of Tile Sandwich Panels: Red, Aged Albero, and Slate, depending on the aesthetic requirements of your building.

We have various thickness options for the polyurethane core (30 and 40 mm in the valley of the corrugation) to choose from based on your insulation needs.

Regarding the interior sheet finish, it can be standard pre-coated white or with the appearance of dark wood paneling. Other colors are available upon request.

We provide finishing solutions for all roof types, including edges, channels, ridges, gutters, etc., in the same color as the chosen tile panel. Flat sheet options are also available for creating your own custom finishing in the same color as the panel.

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