1. Identification.

1.1. Pronto Panel, S.L.; with VAT ID B-91944868; registered address in Spain, C/ Cuatro, Parcela 80, Nave 2. POLÍGONO INDUSTRIAL FRIDEX, 41500 Alcalá de Guadaíra. Sevilla; phone number 603 855 586; and email address info@prontopanel.es, is the owner of the website located at the Internet address https://prontopanel.es and its social media accounts (hereinafter, this Website).

1.2. Pronto Panel, S.L. is the owner of the following social media accounts:

1.3. The person accessing this Website (hereinafter, the User) assures that they have legal capacity to do so.

2. Purpose.

2.1. This legal notice aims to regulate the relationship between Pronto Panel, S.L. and the User concerning access to this Website.

2.2. By accessing this Website, the User expressly accepts all the clauses of this legal notice, its privacy policy, and its cookie policy, as well as all those specific conditions set out for the use of certain services. If the User does not accept any of these clauses, they must refrain from accessing this Website.

2.3. By accessing Pronto Panel, S.L.’s social media accounts, the User undertakes to comply with their conditions and policies.

2.4. The User commits to comply with any legal provisions applicable to access to this Website.

2.5. Pronto Panel, S.L. reserves the right to change this legal notice at any time, so it is the User’s responsibility to review it before accessing this Website.

3. Minors.

3.1. Access to this Website by minors is prohibited.

3.2. Pronto Panel, S.L. reminds Users who are responsible for minors that it is their sole responsibility to determine which services and content are appropriate for the age of these minors, and that there are computer programs that allow filtering and blocking access to certain content and services.

4. Content.

4.1. The content made available to the User on this Website comes from both Pronto Panel, S.L.’s sources and third parties.

4.2. Pronto Panel, S.L. strives to ensure that the content is of the highest possible quality and reasonably up-to-date, but it does not guarantee their usefulness, accuracy, completeness, relevance, or timeliness.

4.3. The inclusion of content on this Website does not in any way constitute the provision of a professional advisory service by Pronto Panel, S.L. to the User.

4.4. Pronto Panel, S.L. advises the User not to make decisions based on the information collected in the content of this Website without obtaining appropriate professional advice.

5. Intellectual and Industrial Property.

5.1. All the content of this Website is duly protected by intellectual and industrial property regulations.

5.2. Regardless of the purpose for which they were intended, the total or partial reproduction, use, exploitation, distribution, and marketing of any content owned by this Website requires the prior written authorization of Pronto Panel, S.L..

5.3. Content that does not belong to Pronto Panel, S.L. and may appear on this Website belongs to their respective owners, who are responsible for granting any authorizations to third parties.

6. Uses.

6.1. The User voluntarily and expressly accepts that the use of this Website is at all times under their sole and exclusive responsibility.

6.2. The User undertakes not to engage in any conduct that could damage the image, interests, and rights of Pronto Panel, S.L. or third parties, or that could damage, disable, or overload this Website, or that could in any way prevent its normal use.

7. SPAM.

7.1. The User is strictly prohibited from obtaining email addresses from this Website, including social media, for sending advertising or promotional communications without them having been previously requested or expressly authorized by the recipients.

8. Responsibilities.

8.1. Pronto Panel, S.L. will take all actions within its power for the proper functioning of this Website. However, considering the nature of the Internet and that the operation of this Website may depend on third-party intervention, Pronto Panel, S.L. is not responsible for any inconveniences that may be caused to the User due to its incorrect functioning.

8.2. Pronto Panel, S.L. disclaims any responsibility for information published by third parties on this Website.

8.3. Pronto Panel, S.L. assumes no responsibility for third-party content to which this Website redirects.

8.4. If the User believes that there is any content on this Website that may be illegal, they should report it through the contact section.

8.5. Given the nature of the Internet, Pronto Panel, S.L. cannot guarantee the absence of elements that may cause alterations to its computer system or that of the User, and therefore assumes no responsibility for damages and losses of any nature that may result from these alterations.

9. Complaints and Claims Forms.

9.1. Pronto Panel, S.L. is affiliated with the

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