Profiled sheet

Profiled sheet is a product designed for lightweight roofs or facades without insulation, or for forming ‘in situ’ sandwich roofs. Consists of a coil of pre-painted sheet metal that, when passed through molds, is formed into various pre-designed geometries. Its exterior finish is resistant and durable.

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Where to Install Profiled Sheet?

Profiled sheet has a wide range of uses, both in roofs and facades. It will provide different aesthetics depending on the chosen profile, in the case of the “Grecado” profile, it is possible to choose one of the two sides for pre-coating.

It is ideal for solutions in roofs, ceilings, or partitions as a very economical solution that does not require insulation for industrial or agro-livestock buildings. It is also a good resource for facades, fences, etc., providing a good aesthetic solution at a very good price.

It is also used in sandwich-type panels ‘in situ’ with double corrugated sheet and intermediate insulation. It is common to use it for improving the insulation of existing steel or fibrocement roofs by installing battens and insulation to enclose the CORRUGATED sheet, allowing for a sandwich-type panel without prior disassembly.

What Do We Offer at PRONTOPANEL?

At PRONTOPANEL, we offer three models of profiled sheet: GRECADA Sheet, MINIONDA Sheet, and TEJA Sheet, other profiles are available upon request.

Exterior finish in a wide variety of colors. With the option to choose the side for pre-coating on the Grecado profile.

We have different sheet thicknesses ranging from 0.5 to 1.00 mm.

We also offer finishing solutions for all types of enclosure such as edges, gutters, eaves, ridges, etc., in the same color as the chosen sheet.

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