Policarbonate Panels are products designed to insert skylights into the roofs or facades of Sandwich Panels according to the natural lighting needs of the building, providing significant energy savings by reducing the use of artificial lighting. It offers different solutions depending on the type of metal panel it is combined with, and in all models, it is possible to interlock them to create continuous skylights. Always with a quick, simple, and economical assembly.

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Where to Install Skylights?

Skylights can be installed in various types of roofs in residential, commercial, agricultural, or industrial buildings that aim to save energy by harnessing natural light. The choice of product depends on the sandwich panel it will be combined with, and we offer the following products:

  • EasyNOVA Panel or Hidden Screw Panel: This is the solution to combine with the Tapajuntas Sandwich Panel. It is a flat cellular panel with 6 horizontal walls made of Polycarbonate, featuring 2 cellular grooves on both ends that allow it to fit with the groove of a sandwich panel or with itself to create a skylight.
  • Greca-Ala POLIPAN 9X Panel or Visible Screw Panel: This is a solution to combine with the 3G or 5G Sandwich Panel. It is a flat cellular panel with 9 walls in an X shape made of Polycarbonate, with 1 full groove on one side and 1 empty groove (wing) on the opposite side, remaining flat in the central area between grooves with lateral interlocking using the GRECA-ALA system, which simplifies installation.
  • FANOVA 9X Panel: This is a solution to combine with the Hidden Screw Facade Sandwich Panel. It is a flat cellular panel with 9 walls in an X shape made of Polycarbonate, designed with two tongue-and-groove edges mimicking the facade panel’s tongue-and-groove, allowing interlocking and similar installation.
  • MODULAR PLANO Panel: This is a flat cellular panel with various structures in its core, depending on thickness, made of Polycarbonate and designed with two closed flat edges for various uses. To combine it with a sandwich panel, whether flat or curved, edge finishes are required to adapt the joint between both panels. Its most common use is in greenhouses, openings for windows, ceilings, or partitions, curved roof solutions such as swimming pools or vaulted passageways, and vaulted skylights in roofs.
  • COMPACT CORRUGATED Panel: This is a compact panel with a small thickness profiled in various grooved or corrugated geometries to adapt to the geometries of various manufacturers of profiled sheeting, allowing for interlocking skylights or continuous skylights.

What advantages does installing skylights offer?

Installing skylights adapted to the Sandwich Panel offers multiple advantages, such as:

  • Simplicity and quick installation. With each model adapted to a type of installation similar to the sandwich panel it is combined with. Minimizing auxiliary elements for interlocking and sealing.
  • Possibility of placing one-piece plates in great lengths avoiding transverse overlaps to the waters.
  • Energy savings by harnessing natural light while achieving good thermal and acoustic insulation properties.
  • The possibility of intercalating several pieces between sandwich panels to create continuous skylight sections, minimizing accessories.
  • It remains in the same plane as the cladding, allowing for the use of cladding accessories.

What Do We Offer at PRONTOPANEL?

At PRONTOPANEL, we offer all models of skylight panels: EasyNOVA Panel, POLIPAN 9X Panel, FANOVA 9X Panel, MODULAR PLANO Panel, and COMPACT CORRUGATED Panel, according to the intended use and aesthetics for your roof.

Finish in White, Opal, or Crystal. Consult color options depending on the model.
We offer different thicknesses for cellular panels (from 4 to 40 mm) depending on the model and for corrugated compacts from 0.8 to 1.2 mm.

Auxiliary elements according to the chosen model.

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