The Sandwich Roof Panel is a product designed for lightweight insulated roofs. It offers different solutions depending on the use and type of installation it is intended for. In all cases, it has a durable and resistant exterior finish on both sides while providing great thermal and acoustic insulation to the enclosure. Always with a quick, simple, and economical assembly. Different varieties of fit, thickness, and colors are offered, allowing a wide variety of designs in industrial, commercial, or residential roofs.

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Where to Install Roof Sandwich Panel?

Although all models of Roof Sandwich Panel can be used in any type of enclosure for industrial, commercial, or residential buildings, each model is more oriented to certain uses:

  • Joint Cover Panel or Hidden Screw: It is the most aesthetic solution, for roofs that may be visible, as the arrangement of the Joint Cover hides all the roof fixings, although it can be used on any type of roof.
  • 3G Panel or Exposed Screw: It is a solution with lateral fitting through the GRECA-WING system that simplifies installation, thus the fixing will be visible on the roof. It is a panel more oriented to industrial use, being the most economical system.
  • 5G Panel: It is a panel similar to the 3G, but with 5 corrugations. This gives it greater mechanical resistance, being more suitable for large spans between purlins.

What Advantages Does Installing Roof Sandwich Panel Offer?

The Roof Sandwich Panel offers a roof solution in a compact set that combines exterior finish, insulation, and interior finish. This brings multiple advantages such as:

  • Simplicity and quick installation. No need for multiple layers of elements, mortars, or adhesives. Watertight joint solution between panels, without the need for subsequent sealing.
  • Possibility of placing one-piece plates in great lengths avoiding transverse overlaps to the waters.
  • Good behavior against both interior and exterior humidity due to its tongue and groove system, added to a non-absorbent exterior surface. This prevents the appearance of fungi in the interior rooms.
  • Insulation in the plate itself without the need to install additional insulation layers.
  • Lightness of the system that allows a considerable weight reduction in the sizing of the supporting structures, which allows additional economic savings.

What Do We Offer at PRONTOPANEL?

From PRONTOPANEL we offer the three models of Roof Sandwich Panel: Joint Cover Panel, 3G Panel, and 5G Panel, depending on the uses and aesthetics required for your roof.

Exterior finish in a wide variety of colors. The interior finish can be manufactured standard in white pre-lacquered or with a dark wood slat appearance. Other colors upon request.

We have different thicknesses of the polyurethane core (from 30 to 120 mm) to choose from according to your insulation needs.

Trim solutions for all enclosure finishes such as edges, channels, drip edges, ridges, etc.., in the same color as the chosen panel.

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